The Belief of Dr. Doris Spooner Hall:

People with disabilities constitute our nation’s largest minority group (one of five Americans has a disability). It is also the most inclusive and most diverse: both gender, any sexual orientation, and all ages, religions, ethnicities, and socioeconomic levels are represented. Yet people who have been diagnosed with disabilities are all different from one another. The only thing they have in common is being on the receiving end of societal misunderstanding, prejudice, and discrimination. Furthermore, this largest minority group is the only one which any person can join at any time!! You can join at birth or later, through an accident, illness, or the aging process. If and when it happens to you, will you have more in common with others who have disability diagnoses or with family, friends, and co-workers? How will you want to be described? And how will you want to be treated?

Dr. Doris S. Hall was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. She was raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where she attended public schools and received her high school advanced diploma from Capitol Senior High School. She was an all around student participating in band, science and math club, civic government club, Student Government Association, and the Marching/Concert Symphonic Band.

Dr. Doris S. Hall received her undergraduate education at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in Instrumental Music Education. She received her Masters Degree in Instrumental Music Education in Band and Orchestra. She received the Educational Specialist in Administration and Supervision from Alabama A&M University in Huntsville, Alabama, Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In addition, Dr. Spooner-Hall received her Ph.D in Music Education and D.M.A. from Wiltshire University in London, England.

Dr. Doris S. Hall has served as an assistant and associate professor of music. She has served in the higher education teaching and learning process with dedication and distinction. She has been a private teacher of students in the elementary, middle, and high school age group. She has been a Director of Summer Youth Programs, The College Board Program for teachers, and a professor at two and four year colleges and universities for more than 30 years. Currently she is serving as an associate professor of music, advocator for Autism (lecturer/workshops and seminars). She is in the process of the last stage of her book called "Autism: Through A Parent’s Eye." Dr. Hall serves as a consultant in the area of Autism involving parents, teachers and administrative training in the field, strategic planning and long range planning for curriculums and instruction. She provides consultant services for public and private schools, tow and four year colleges throughout the country.

Dr. Doris S. Hall is one of America’s leading authorities on education, leadership, parental involvement, autism and its changes, medications, and health related issues to autism. She is a nationally recognized consultant, speaker, seminar leader, and author of a textbook on Autism.

Dr. Doris S. Hall has made many presentations in the State of Alabama. She has given over 100 presentations and lectur4es to a variety of organizations including: educational associations, Chambers of Commerce, elementary, middle, and high schools; 2 year colleges, 4 year colleges, and universities; churches and other religious organizations; Kiwanis, Rotary, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated; NAACP, economic development organizations; political groups; Greek organizations; youth groups; parenting groups; and other community organizations.

Dr. Doris S. Hall has served as an online adjunct faculty in education in higher education. She has done diverse work with many students to provide a comprehensive understanding of the skills, attention to detail, and follow through needed to execute various positions on varied levels. In addition, she brings a global understanding of academic and business related expectations and individual creativity to the table. Having been in educational and business facilities in China (Bejuing, X’ian Shanghai), Italy (Rome, Florence, Venice), Spain (Madrid, Seville, Granada, Toledo), France (Paris), Slovenia, Greece (Patmos, Rhodes, Padras, Ehphesus, etc.) Czech Republic (Prague), Budapest-Hungary, and Helsinki-Finland. She understands the diverse needs of students and the educational, systemic facets of education/diversity.

Dr. Doris S. Hall has been the recipient of the awards of those leading the way toward a more tolerant and just America as a founding member of the National Campaign for Tolerance-Civil Rights Institute. Additionally, she has logged several accomplishments via the American Biographical Institute. The honors listed under ABI include the American Medal of Honor, Great Minds of the 21st Century, Universal Award of Accomplishment, Research Board of Advisors, Great Women of the 21st Century; One Thousand Great Americans and The Genius Elite. Through The Cambridge, England based International Biographical Center, Dr. Hall has garnered the following distinctions: International Women of the year, 2004; Living Legends, 2004; Lifetime Achievement One Hundred; International Order of Merit; The Order of International Fellowship; International Educator of the Year, and the Hall of Fame. The educator is listed in Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who of American Women, Who’s Who in American Education, Who’s Who in the World, and Who’s Who of Professionals.

Dr. Doris S. Hall is a Yamaha Artist for the Yamaha Corporation. She is an Artist-in Residency and touring artist with the Alabama State Council on the Arts. She has performed under the batons of Marx Pales and Taavo Virkhaus of Huntsville, Alabama as well as Shaul Ben Meir, and John Bailey of the International Flute Orchestra.

Dr. Doris S. Hall interest in education stems from a background of training and experience in the area of human development and family relations, leadership, and community service. She is always eager to promote learning and development of the student by setting the atmosphere to motivate not only the student, but also individuals within the educational arena.

Dr. Doris S. Hall has spent her entire career getting to the root of understanding the nature of issues of today’s parent, teacher, and students. She has successfully dealt with many of the challenges of today’s students throughout her career as a professional educator and community activist. Her life ambition is to expand enthusiasm for education, and continue his commitment and dedication to the learner.

Dr. Doris S. Hall’ philosophy is…She believes that institutions should be committed to providing quality educational and music education. She welcomes the challenge of giving and sharing leadership that supports these goals. She further believes that by uniting our energies and supporting our academic educational and music educational systems, we will be able to keep our students academically and musically challenged, and our citizens better prepared for life.

Dr. Doris S. Halls’ Motto is …( A Strong Voice for Our Children, Parents, School Administrators, Teachers, and Friends of Autism).

Dr. Doris S. Hall is "A Voice for Partners in Education". She founded the corporation several years ago with her husband Morris D. Hall, "A Strong Voice for Our Children, Parents, School Administrators, Teachers, and Friends of Autism", 12000 Bell Mountain Dr. SW, Huntsville, Alabama 35803, Office: (256) 372-4098, Cell: (256) 479-4693, Fax: (256) 372-5974, Email:

Dr. Doris S. Hall is married to Morris D. Hall a professional educator and recruiter for Alabama A&M University in Huntsville, Alabama. He has worked in the educational arena in many capacities, and believe in the education of children, parents, administrators, teachers, and friends of Autism. Dr. Morris Hall is currently working in the admissions office as a counselor and recruiter. Dr. Doris is a religious woman, family woman, parent of (2) adult children. Her daughter Amy Evon Hall is a graduate of The Juilliard School performing on Broadway Shows, teaching classes as an adjunct faculty in higher education, credits from NBC and ABC. A 2004 Rockette, and an actress, dancer, and singer. Her son Alex Earnest Hall is a junior matriculating at Alabama A&M University majoring in Human Development and Family Relations.